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tired of buying printing cartridges. What's a good printer to buy?

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I'm tired of buying printing cartridges every time the printer ink runs out.
I'm wondering if the printers that use "toner" are any better.

Can anyone suggest a type/model of printer that only needs to be filled with a cheap bottle of "tonner powder"... instead of an expensive $40 ink cartridge.
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Hello Ernie..
Not sure if I could answer your question, But, do know how you could get a wealth of information from a valuable source. and search "Printers"
Now, they test and evaluate and have feed back from buyers.

Also, What are your needs? Important; Do you want good tech support? How much do you wish to pay?

Well, if you search their site all your questions can be answered, and if you choose one you will be able to go to the Manufacture web site and buy it..Recommend as Discount stores have a need to use their tech support and add insurance that is often not needed..
Check on this site to see how others feel about the printer your interested in.
Good luck
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