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Time for a new card.. Which one?

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Ok, it's time for me to get my system upgraded again. This is what I'll be running on the Tech side.

Asus A8N-Sli Premium (can you guys tell me what you think about this board?)
AMD 64 X2 3800+
Kingston HyperX PC3200 1 gig
Video card????

Unfortunetly video cards is the thing I don't understand all that well. Can anyone supply me with a link that could teach me everything I need to know and up to date with running 2 cards? As you can see I'm willing to put some good money into this machine. What is a card that is gunna keep me running well but not going to cost me WAY to much. And is it worth it to buy a card that I can run two of later? Thanks guys.
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Hello there, i must say u have a kick *** machine there all it needs are some hot gaphic cards...

hers a little explanation on how sli works, , basically it links two cards together and uses one to render the top screen and the other card to render the bottom which increases performance.

the current top of the line sli cards are nv geforce7800gtx's they run around 500$ each now and maybe u can get them even cheaper. This card is insane. 24 render pipelines and crazy ram speeds. Like i said top of the line. If you have 1grand i would go with 2 but, in my case i would buy one for now and add a second one later when needed. :wink:
Thanks alot. That's what I'm wanting to hear :sayyes: I don't have the processor and mobo yet. I was planning on getting 'em soon.. until I find my hard drive is about to go out on me. So now more money spent on something I didn't need. :dead: What do you think about the cooling pipe in the mobo? With running all this heated stuff do you think it will do well?
it all depends what you need if for and what's the budget

if you just need a good card for photos and Movies - then get a ATI sapphire X800

If you're into gaming then get Nvidia (ATI sucks when it comes to 3D)
If you're on a budget then get a 6600 GT
If you have the cash (about 350 pounds) then get an 7800GTX - your games will run like a dream

geforce 6 cards have sm 3.0 ati still stuck on 2.0b so... go with nvidia
if you want a performance investment, 6600gt or up.
i would go with the 7800gt, the gtx will perform better, but it isnt better untill cooled more, and the problem with that is that theirs going to be more heat in your computer.
6600gt $140
6800gt $290
7800gt $380

sli might be worth it, its hard to say, would 2 6600gt's run better then 1 7800gt?
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