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Well my requirements suddenly left my old computer flagging so I have been looking at a replace (upgraded 18 months ago).

So lets go through the basics first


1. Budget: ? (hope to spend < $4000 AUD

2. Brands: Yes to Intel, ASUS, ... basically what are solid quality components
No to AMD (based on quad core reviews of Intel vs AMD and that AMD is only just getting going here ... and I need it NOW)

3. Multitasking: Hell yes. I need to run 2 virtual servers (Win2003) one with SQL 2005 the other with MOSS 2007. The MOSS 2007 server also requires Visual Studio + SDKs (that will only load on the server). Also will need to access the guest servers from the Host OS.

4. Gaming: Not really. Little 3D work but may require more than 3 monitors one day soon.

5. Calculations: High-end graphics design (2D) limited video editing

6. Overclocking: No.

7. Storage: Virtual server disks of 30Gb each (currently have 5 backed up), 50 Gb graphics / photos. Require speed so looking at 320Gb 3Gb/s for boot hdd and 2 x 750Gb Raid 0 for data.

8. Legacy Support: I hope not. Good excuse to get a new keyboard and mouse. Lots of USB stuff though

9. Operating System: Win 64Bit OS required as need to allocate 4Gb RAM to one virtual server and 2Gb to the other, plus 2Gb for Host computer (8Gb RAM minimum)

10. Case: Looking at the Antec "nine hundred"

11. Accessories: Thinking of a MS 7000 pack (keyboard and mouse) just not happy with the Logitec Dinovo edge (although it looks great)

12. Recycled Components: Yes, but not in the new box.

13. Monitor: Have 1920x1200 and a 1280x1024. Would look at a third monitor being another 1920x1200 or bigger.

14. Stores: Australia retailers (warranty stuff). Have good dealings with eyo and have already put this together to start from

15. Location: Australia


Firstly I looked into dual CPU Quad Core machines and could not get anything under $7000, and that is probably overkill, and the video requirements were low server spec types.

Similarly the 2 CPU Dual core had low end graphics for server setups.

So I have decided on a Quad Core / 8Gb RAM / ATX and then all the other options I am sooooo out of date with.

So my questions start ......

1) would I be better looking at a 3.0GHz Quad Core Exteme or the 2.66GHz Quad Core (based on price difference)

2) Do I need Crossfire (or SLI) or should I go for a high end 8800 or HD3870 (and which is better ATI or GeForce)

3) Should I bother looking at DDR3, and if not how can DDR2 run at > 800MHz on a 1333 FBS? Do they run all 4 slots at once (2x400 - 800 so dose that mean 4x800 could give 1600FBS ? )

4) Do I need a custom CPU fan or will there be an OK one with the CPU (do I really need to ask this question)

5) Do I need a Fan Controller or should I just let all fans run full speed :)


6) How can I convince the wife :4-dontkno

Thanks In Advance
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