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I play an online game called tibia..if you youtube it..many people create videos by recording the gameplay with such recorders as get the idea.

So i decided to give it a try..i dont lag when i play and i dont lag when i record.(so it seems to me) but however when i watch the playback of the recordings they are laggy that i cannot even attempt to upload to youtube because i wouldnt want to watch it myself.

i have tried several other screen recorders..with no avail

however changing my colour theme to windows vista basic does help it A LITTLE.

its nowhere close to quality of some videos where i would like it to be at

my videos are very choppy and when my player walks his feet dont really move and he jumps a few spaces..unlike other videos they walk.

so my question is..what could i try next?..thanks
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Hey mate, Welcome to TSF,

Have you tried FRAPs?

Try messing with the FPS capture rate and size as well as quality. Faster hard drives are also better...
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