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Ok, heres the problem.........
I just upgraded my Vid Card from an Nvidia GTS3 64 MB to a TI4600 128, 4x AGP. My board supports 4x. As soon as I installed the card, I load up the PC and as soon as XP gets to the load screen I see a blue screen for like 1/2 a second and it reboots. Same thing happens when trying to go into safe mode, safe with networking, last known config., and restart normally. Had to erase (OMG That pissed me off) the entire hard drive, reinstall XP and now it runs super slow, doesnt load properly, and cant click start 3/4 of the time. So ***?


300w PS
P4 2.0
20Gig HD
768MB DDR PC 2100
Plextor CD writer
NO A: floppy

After encountering the problem with the 128 card, before i reinstalled windows I put the 64 back in, same problem. Repair install did not work. Anyone, PLEASEEEEE help me! Thanks
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