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I have just installed a TI4200 VTD8X with/featuring Nvidia GForce & I’m running XP with 120 gig & 400 RAM & 1200MHz.

Whenever I switch from single monitor view to monitor & TV out the switch crashes my whole system. 1 second of blue screen of death with a load of techno gubbins & then the computer reboots.

From a clean XP session I can do the switch once but if I try to turn it back ie go back to single main monitor or go to multi monitors the above crash occurs on the 2nd or 3rd switch within a single windows session.

I have my main monitor plugged into the D-Sub Port, my 2nd monitor plugged into the DV-I Connector (using supplied adaptor) & my TV is plugged in via the TV In/Out 1 – 4 Connecting Cable, on this I am running to the tv with s video.

I imagine that I should be able to use my two monitors as extended desktops & my tv out as a copy/clone of one of them. I have tweaked all of the nView configurations but nothing makes much difference but cannot get the 2 monitors & the tv to work in harmony. It’s either monitor 1 & tv or monitor 2 & tv.

I have tried the CD Rom supplied drivers & the updated drivers, makes no difference. I have removed the old drivers first.

So if anyone can help I would be very grateful.

1. System crashes/reboots when I switch/activate the tv out
2. Can not run 2 x monitors & tv simultaneously.
3. Cannot find a contact e mail support for my card.

[email protected]
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