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This Site !!!PLEASE HELP!!!

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This is about this site. I can not use this site with aol, thats why i had to create this user name. I had to use internet exporer to write this. All I want is for my other user name to work on aol.

HOW CAN I DO THIS and also get rid of this user name
and also a couple of other things that I will save for later.
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Most people are trying to lose AOL and use IE! :D
Yep. Most of us will recommend uninstalling AOheL.
yep, uninstall aol, then light the aohell install cd on fire... you may also want say some prayers while it burns to get rid of all the deamons that come with it ... :bandit:

The reason this site probably does not work is because AOL uses a rotating proxy and that screws up session cookies in ways that make peoples hair fall out in most cases .... X(
AOL does have some problems with their proxy and cookies. That being said what problems are you having and to look at your other account I would need to know the name of the account. You can PM me the details if you wish.
I did use this site with aol a couple of times. I never had a problem. then i stopped using this site till now. now i can not use aol with it. and i will not get rid of aol!!!

I also have another question, why do you get no help when you fill out that message for help?
What message for help? More information please. :bandit:
Its the only message that u do not have to sing on to this site to send and i think its on the home page or something to do with the password.
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