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Thinking about RAID-0 with P4P800-E Deluxe

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I've been owning and using the P4P800-E Deluxe for a while with zero problems. I love this board!

I own a 160 GB Maxtor IDE drive and a 200 GB Western Digital SATA drive.

I'm thinking of using both to create a 360 GB striped array. I am well aware of the risks of doing this but I take regular backups and I really wish to take the dive and go for the improved computing experience, disk-wise at least <g>.

Can I do RAID-0 with one IDE and one SATA drive? If so, should I expect to need a RAID controler driver on a floppy disk when I first boot and attempt an XP install?


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@ Bebert
Welcome :). No you cannot do a RAID array with a mix of SATA and PATA(Parallel ATA=IDE) drives. In addition, if you used drives of two different volumes as in your example, the RAID0 array would be 2X160GB=320, with the 40GB unusable...a RAID0 or RAID1 array needs discs of the same volume and will automatically match the lowest volume HDD. Identical drives are also highly recommended and preferred.
Hi Bebert, and welcome to the forum!

I would have to agree with 'please' here, and discourage you from installing RAID0 on this mobo using mixed drive technologies, although in theory it might sort of work if the drive RPM's and access times are similar.

One major drawback is that in order to use the IDE in RAID on this mobo, you have to attach both drives to the Promise controller. This chips runs across the PCI bus, which is many times slower than the ports on your main chipset. You simply will not get the performance you are expecting from your "plunge" into RAID0, and any other PCI devices you use --such as IEEE1394-- will suffer.

You will have a far better performance experience by simply installing your O/S to the single 160GB IDE drive on PRI_IDE1, and attach that 200GB SATA to the Promise (in non-RAID "Ide" mode) for use as your main data store.

Just my opinion, :3bandit:

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