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Things stop being recognized?

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First, sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I really don't know where it would go. Alright, If I attempt to upload or send a file to someone, sometimes my internet just completely stops being recognized. There are two other computers in the house, and they both remain online, while I have to restart my computer to get it to recognize the internet again. It never even says that it was disconnected or unplugged, it just.. isn't there.

It's been doing this for awhile, and I ignored it, but the other day I went out and bought an iPod. I set up everything, and plugged it in to transfer songs, and after a little while it stopped recognizing the USB cord. It gave me an error and stopped, acted like it wasn't hooked to the USB cord at all.

I'm assuming it's the same problem as the internet, and no one I've asked has ever heard of this happening. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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Hi and welcome to TSF :wave:

Do you get any error messages (verbatim)?

Can you download and run CCleaner please (have any browser closed while running).

You may leave it to the default settings, apart from the "Saved Form Information" which you can uncheck if you don't want deleting.

After that restart your computer. Upon restart go into Control Panel>Network Connections and right-click the icon there or highlight it and do a repair connection.

Now try getting on the net and see if that helps.
Hi! Thank you for the help. I did everything you listed, but when I attempt to upload or send a file, the internet still dies on me. I get no error messages at all, it just dies out as if the modem died. (Which it hasn't, it still shows that it's connected.) The only way for me to get it working again is to restart.

How large are the files you're trying to upload or send?
Do you have a personal firewall, an anti-virus, a hosts file or anti-spyware software running (which ones)?

Is this a new problem.. did you experience it before?
If you didn't can you remember the last thing you changed before its tarted playing up?
Any contact with your ISP about this yet.. as they may be having DNS issues (that time of the year)?
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