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Things found on Local Disk C:

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My Local Disk shows the following:

And My Network Places Shows:
PowerBills on

While I was doing defrag virus scanner said two trojans and found and have been deleted they are:




Please advise me on what to do with the stuff found on my local disk and my network place, if they are dangerous. Thanks in advance
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You may even have more infections than you found. Therefore, I recommend you follow Microbell's five step program and post a log in the HiJackThis area. Here is the link with instructions:

MicroBell’s 5 step process
I have followed those steps four or five times and have posted HJT log and Combofix log and those guys have found nothing each time I have posted a HJT log. Also in Defrag the following appeared:
Fragments File Size Files that cannot be defragmented
30 4 MB \AluriaCacheFile.dat

And also the firewall constantly says that the computer is trying to connect to the following and followed by some numbers.

As I was typing this I got another Trojan that was deleted by the virus scanner. A0001591.EXE
I did a W32/Trojan.MQN search on tech republic and got the following:
Results for W32/Trojan.MQN
Matching Viruses
Well Aluria is a company owned by earthlink. They do anti-spyware least with what little research I did on it. However, if your virus scanner is continually finding trojans, it is highly likely you have an infection somewhere.
Most likely false positives. Check with your AV on their forums. Some AV's flag any uninstaller used in a piece of software esp. other security software.

Aluria products:

Oh, you didn't mention you had already done that so I had no way to know. Anyway, here is what I have on my two computers to protect me:

AVG Free Anti-virus - 2nd computer Norton Anti-virus
Zone Alarm Free Firewall - 2nd computer Norton Internet Security
Spyware Guard
Spyware Blaster
Spybot Search and Destroy
Ad-Aware Se Personal

I just never have these troubles you are describing because my protection takes care of issues before it gets to me.

What I suggest you do is get a setup similar to what I have (they are all free except Norton is a paid program. The AVG and Zone alarm free programs work just as well and don't take as much space or slow down your computer.

Then, run these scans to get rid of some of what you have. I think the first three you have listed are nothing but ad programs/Spyware and the programs I have listed should get rid of them.

Spybot and Ad-aware should get rid of them.

TheWeatherizarion thing I think is simply a site for the Energy department that you don't need and it will slow down your computer if active, so I would ditch that baby if it were mine.

If this were my rig, here is what I would do:

> Download all the programs to protect yourself (If you have adequate anti-virus programs and a firewall, don't worry about that area, just keep what you have)

> Run an Adaware scan to get rid of the junk and hope the Spyware Guard and Spyware Blaster filters some of that out from now on.


> Run Spybot Search and Destroy and let it fix what it finds.

> Make a recent restore point on your computer.

> Delete the Weather link

PowerBills on

> Take it for a test drive and see how it works...and if it is fine

> Make an additional restore point

> Delete the aluriacachefile problem.

> Take it for a test drive.

This is what I would do if it were mine. Post back with questions/concerns.

Addendum: Seems like everyone around here types faster than I do..what the heck can I say, you guys just beat me again.:4-dontkno
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Thank you all for the responses I will try what you have suggested. Thanks
Aluria makes an anti-spyware program. It's legitimate, but the program is very problematic from what we have observed from some customers who have it.
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