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THermal pads/compound

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ive just been down to my computer shop, seeing what fans they had to replace the one on my motherboard covering the nividia nforce 4 chip not graphics card!, and the guy down there told me that your not suppose to use thermal compound on the this particular chip, your suppose to use those sticky thermal pads,

is this true?
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well, it depends on how it mounts.

some of them are sorta just glued on with one of these sticky pads.

some of them have a heatsink and fan that mounts with a pair of spring clips.

so, if it's meant to glue on, then yes, you will want the sticky pad.

(and so noone tries it, i want to mention, superglue does NOT conduct heat well)
The best thing to use would be arctic silver thermal adhesive compound.
It's made just for that.
Welcome to TSF:

if you are serious about colling your North or South Bridge chipset / this is the premier solution / and you cant beat the instructions that come with the kit
you wont be disappointed.


Cool,that looks like a miniature aerocool cpu cooler made by coolermaster.
I have a Jet 7 on my cpu,works great.
if that doesn't do the trick, i have no idea what will.

that's more chipset cooling than 99% of the people in the world need.
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