If I were to ask you which two major technology companies were back at the courts, what would be your answer? If you guessed Samsung and Apple, you would be right.

This upcoming Tuesday will begin a follow up trail of the Apple vs. Samsung case. Apple is demanding an extra $380 million for damages that Samsung allegedly caused. On the contrary, Samsung states that they only owe a remaining $52 million for using the Apple trademark of “pinch-to-zoom” on Samsung products 13 years of age or older.

Unlike the $1 billion lawsuit between the companies, this trail will be decided on the Silicon Valley jury behind closed doors.

Apple is still attempting to ban Samsung from selling some of their tablet products in the US, just like Samsung banned all generation iPads, with the exception of the iPad 3; or at least until the White House appealed the ruling.

In the same way as Apple products were not banned, the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ordered District Judge Lucy Koh to reconsider Apple’s ban demands.

As these two companies are never happy with the outputs, surprisingly both Samsung and Apple have acquired over $300 billion in the smartphone market. Something I have begun to notice is how when looking around or asking people what Smartphone they have, chances are high you’ll receive a “iPhone” or “Galaxy” response.