We have moved into a mobile society, we are always on the move and our devices are following us. Mobile or not, they will require a source of power and sooner or later that power is going to run out.

The new Galaxy S5 has options for Ultra Battery Saver mode, and the new HTC M8 may have a large battery, but depending on your usage and age of the device the batteries can and will wear out leaving you with less power each day.

So what are you supposed to do when your phone or tablet runs out of power and there isn’t a charging outlet near? What if you’re in the car and need Google Maps to bring you home, only to find out your device is out of power?

Following the previous RP-PB08 3000mAh Luster that I reviewed last November, RAVPower has just released their newest Luster device that doubles the battery capacity. Throughout my review I will be going over the following topics: my usage, design, and my final thoughts. I would like to give a special thank you to RAVPower for supplying the device.

My Usage

The Luster is shipped in RAVPower’s typical shipping box, the outside of which outlines compatible devices and product information. Once inside you find a six language user manual, a twelve inch USB cable, a mesh carrying case, and the Luster itself.

After reviewing a number of different RAVPower devices, I am always happy when they include a carrying case. This makes storage that much easier, as the case is large enough to hold both the Luster itself and the USB charging cable.

The Luster has a 6000mAh battery which is large enough to charge any smartphone twice. This is great as I leave my unit inside my car as an emergency backup battery. In fact I was driving home one day and needed GPS, yet my phone had died. I pulled out the Luster and it maintained power to my phone the entire ride home. Another plus is that the battery inside the Luster is a Samsung A+ Li-Ion battery meaning you’re buying a quality device.

Another useful option on the Luster is the built-in single LED flashlight. By double clicking the top button the LED can light up a room for 250 hours on a full charge.

Finally, there are the security measures that protect your device. In case of a failure, the Luster has a design that protects against short-circuit and has over-current protection. If the Luster detects any issues, it has an automatic shutdown capability to save your device.


Where the Luster shines is its design. Coming in four different colors, black, pink, gold, and blue, the Luster looks and feels well made and should suit anyone’s taste.

With its all metal body and chrome top, the Luster can withstand normal usage without any signs of wear. Plus it does have a slight weight to it (4.3 ounces) that makes it a little uncomfortable for carrying in your pocket.

The previous Luster was a “lip stick” shape design that actually works well for storage. The new Luster, however, has a larger rectangular shape which I think is preferable.

Speaking about design and style, when the chrome button is pressed four blue LEDs are lit in the chrome bar near the top indicating current battery status. RAVPower couldn’t have thought of a better way to display the remaining battery power.

Finally, we have the front user interface. Towards the front of the button, you find the 5V 2.1A USB output, the single LED flashlight, and the 5A 1.5V input. The fact that the Luster comes with a 2.1A charger is great as new smartphones like the Galaxy S5 and M8 need a 2.1A if they are to charge while powered up.

My Final Thoughts

For a product that costs $29.99, it may run on the high side of external battery prices, but for the product you’re getting it’s well worth it. I ran into zero issues or complaints while using the Luster and I plan on using it for many years to come. In fact it’s already found a great home in my car and I love showing it off to others. Yet again you receive a premium and quality device from RAVPower.

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