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The Asus N6200 i ordered...

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Ordered this:

Will this card run WoW and Planetside on Full settings?
and is it much better than my current SiS 760 integrated?
Also, would a 9550 Game FX edition be better by alot?
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It's about on par with the 9550, but may not be able to run your games at full settings. I mean, they'll run, but not at the best FPS.
Well I am running WoW and Plametside on low settings now on my Integrated SiS now.
Will this N6200 be a big improvement over the SiS 760?
WoW runs on my friends PC on full settings on an FX 5200 so this will do better?

thanks :sayyes:
Ok so to install the card i need to:
1)Uninstall SiS 760 drivers
2) Put card in PC
3)Turn it on
4) cancel all those 'detected new hardware' windows
5)Install the 77.77 Drivers from Nvidia

And that's it right?
it should just work?
That's the theory at least. Also make sure to set your video in BIOS to AGP.
In the BIOS should be an option that will let you select whether you want to boot using a PCI or AGP card for your display. Once you get into your OS this can be overridden. Since not all BIOS's are the same I can't tell you exactly where to look or what to look for. Just look for something resembling "BOOT VIDEO"
I don't remotely understand what you're talking about.
Is it in the control panel?
whats a Bios some sort of configuration utility?
and once i know how to change it to AGP do i do it before i shut off my comp and do the card installation or after?
The BIOS -Basic Input Output System- is what gives the computer it's most basic functions. Without it you'd have a very expensive paper weight. When you boot your computer you'll see lots of lines going across the screen describing the components. That's the BIOS at work there. Pressing DEL or F2 can get you into the BIOS configuration. If you really don't know what you're doing then I suggest taking it to a pro to have them do it for you as it's VERY easy to mess things up and make your PC non-functional.
My PC doesnt have numbers coming across...
It just says Compaq and then goes to the Windows welcome screen.
So theres a menu that comes up once you press F2?
I'm pressing F2 Now, i don't see anything coming up.
I will do it myself can i please get some more info on the bios and when to press F2
This could be tough since it's a pre-built machine. Try F1, F2, and Del to get into the BIOS.
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