Christmas songs are being played on the radio, the decorations are being hung, and the spirt of Christmas is settling in.

As the days tick down to December 25, it’s time to find that special gift for somebody special in your life. Or perhaps you need some ideas for yourself.

Focused towards technology, this year’s Christmas gift guide is jam-packed with some of the best suggestions yet. With so much tech being released in 2016, narrowing down a Christmas list wasn’t an easy thing to do.

Here are some of my favorite review products from 2016 that would make perfect Christmas gift for the special someone in your life. These items are in no particular order and include a brief statement about what it is. For a full review of each product, a link is provided to the original review.

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Turtle Beach Elite Pro

Up first on this year’s Christmas gift guide is Turtle Beach with their recent release, their Elite Pro headset and audio controller. In the past, Turtle Beach headphones were mid-tier level headsets and rarely used by PC gamers. This time around, the Tournament headset from Turtle Beach was a complete change in direction. As stated in the review, the comfort levels, excellent sound, and design were just outstanding. Then paired with their tactical audio controller, you get full control over sounds, volumes, and microphone. It’s as if you are your own DJ.

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Grado iGe Earbuds

In the past, I have reviewed Grado headphones which are handmade in New York and have an excellent design to them. While a smaller company, their effort and commitment to their brand and product is what keeps them growing and strong. Now entering the earbud market, Grado’s iGe earbuds are these small, comfortable, and powerful earbuds that are still my daily earbuds for listening to music. Fully compatible with iOS, these headphones allow you to sit back and relax without external noises annoying you.

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Eero Home Wireless System

If I gave rewards to products, this home wireless system would win them all. Easy, fast, powerful, simple, there aren’t enough positive words to explain what this system does. By creating a network mesh in your home, no matter where you walk, no matter what the device, you will have strong and fast wireless internet. With a super simple user setup, the eero system manages itself and requires no maintenance whatsoever. They even self-reboot if they need to apply the weekly automated update.

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Logitech Harmony Elite Remote

In 2015, I had the great opportunity to review Logitech’s latest (at the time) Harmony smart remote. A smart remote is one that can control multiple devices with one simple remote. In my case, to watch TV, I needed a remote for the TV, cable box, and sound system. Now, all I do is pick up the remote, click “Watch TV” on the remote’s touchscreen, and sit back as it turns on all of the devices to the correct settings. You can even control smart lights and power outlets. For somebody who has a lot of equipment in their living room, then this is the perfect gift!

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CooCheer Syma X8G Drone

This isn’t one of those expensive self-driving drones that many of us see on TV and YouTube. Instead, this is a fully manual flying drone that doesn’t cost a whole lot. While there is a learning curve and the directions are nearly impossible to follow, you do catch on and learn to fly this drone rather quickly. I find this to be more of a toy that you don’t mind if it gets stuck in a tree. For children and those who want something to fly up into the air, then this is ideal.

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Beyerdynamic Custom Street Headphones

Der ideale Begleiter or in English, The Ideal Companion. These Beyerdynamic Custom Street headphones are just that, a companion that is always with you and lets you express your music wherever you go. Small, compactable, and customizable, these headphones fit most personalities and they maintain an excellent sound. Designed in Germany, Beyerdynamic makes some of the best studio grade headphones I’ve ever used and this Custom Street headset branches off of the great engineering that goes into even their most expensive model.

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Synology Network Attached Storage D216j

We live in a digital world and everything we do needs to be stored somewhere. In the days before computing was mainstream, people kept photos in a photo book. Now, photos are stored on electronic picture frames, your hard drive, or your phone. Eventually, your storage fills up, and deleting and erasing old memories isn’t something we want to do. With this Synology Network Attached Storage, you can create your own personal home network that stores and backs up your personal data. If your computer crashes or you just need more storage on your device, you’ll rest easy at night knowing that a backup of your files stores on, not one, but two hard drives.

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Turtle Beach Stream Microphone

A popular and growing job industry is to become a full-time game streamer. Websites like Twitch.TV and YouTube have made it possible for those who love gaming to stream themselves to the world and turn their love into their profession. Of course, doing this isn’t an easy task and it’s not something you can do after waking up one morning. It takes time and you need the proper gear to get started. With Turtle Beach’s Stream Mic, you can get excellent voice recording, so good in fact that it will sound like you aren’t using a microphone at all. With full directional pickup and PC, Xbox, and PS4 compatibility, let nothing stop you from streaming your game play.

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I wish that you all have a wonderful New Year and a Merry Christmas!

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