Each year, families come together to sit in front of the lit up Christmas tree and watch the enjoyment people have on their face’s as they open their highly anticipated gift.

The days have gotten shorter and the temperature is dropping outside, but that’s not stopping us from running from store to store ensuring that we find that perfect gift for the ones we care about.

For the technology lover in your life, this may be the best place to look for that special gift or maybe you’re looking for something for yourself. For the ease of convenience, here is this year’s Christmas gift guide which includes some of my favorite items that I reviewed in 2015! It has been a busy and excitement year and there are a lot of items to choose from!

These items are in no particular order and include a brief statement about why this may be the perfect gift! A link to the original review is also included which will provide an in-depth review of the item.

Here’s the 2014 Christmas Gift Guide for even more ideas too!

ESET DriveSecurity Flash Drive

You can never be too protective in today’s world, especially since electronic data is now worth so much; even personal photos have a value on them! For those who are locked down on security, the ESET DriveSecurity flash drive is perfect! With a built-in antivirus and encrypted data by Kingston, security-to-go doesn’t get any better. Read the full review here .

Noctua’s NH-U9S and NH-D9L

Here at TSF, we highly recommend to our users that they build their own custom computers. Not only does it provide the best value for your money, but you receive a high performing masterpiece. For those running a stock CPU cooler, an upgraded third-party unit will be a major improvement. Noctua’s latest mini-coolers offer great value for maximum performance. Read the full review here and here .

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home

For those who love hanging out in the living room and have multiple devices in the same room may benefit from this Logitech masterpiece. The Harmony Ultimate Home is a remote from the future as its controls everything from your TV to home thermostat. Compatible with 270,000+ devices it’s one of my favorite devices on this list. Read the full review here .

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

In 2014, I fell in love with Kingston HyperX Cloud I and highly recommended them on my review. Well this year brings the second generation of this product! With a slightly newer designed and even more comfortable ear pads, this will make the gamer in your life never buy another headset again. Read the full review here .

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Perhaps you’re not buying for a gamer, but someone who loves their music or watching movies. Beyerdyanmic’s Custom One Pros have received their latest enhancements in 2015 and as a personal purchase for myself, they are the most comfortable and enjoyable headphones that I have ever used. You can even customize them to fit everybody’s personality. Read the full review here .

Turtle Beach Impact 700 and Grip 500

If you’re gaming on a basic mouse and a standard keyboard, it’s hard to play competitively and may even decrease the amount of fun you have while playing. Turtle Beach’s first entry into the PC accessories market was a strong one with their Impact 700 keyboard and Grip 500 mouse. Glowing gaming red and using high grade components, this is a way to game furiously. Read the full review here .

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

2015 was a big year for smartphones as Apple released a larger device, but Samsung had already been doing so for years. While the new Note 5 has been released, the Note 4 lives up to be an excellent device that fits well in your hand and is full of functionality. As my personal smartphone, the Note series is The Prefect Smartphone. Read the full review here .

RAVPower Portable Car Jump Starter

Is your car getting up there in age? Is the battery having a hard time holding the charge? RAVPower’s portable car jump starter has been an excellent device that I couldn’t live without today. It has helped with small engines like a lawn mower and even a full sized SUV. With a massive battery that even provides a flash light, never again will I need to ask someone for a “jump”. Read the full review here .

Beyerdynamic MMX 102 iE Earbuds

Always on the go? Like running and exercising? Or maybe you enjoy some nighttime music before bed. Beyerdynamic’s MMX 102 earbuds were a summer favorite of mine as their compact size and perfect fit were excellent for every occasion. Moreover, their sound is nearly unbeatable. Read the full review here .

Logitech G910 Orion Spark

Customizable keyboards are some of my favorite as every keyboard is different than the rest. Logitech’s well praised Orion Spark is one of those great gaming keyboards. With a full RGB backlit key set and custom Logitech mechanical keys, this keyboard is one of my personal favorites especially when matched with the customizable Logitech software. Read the full review here .

Kingston HyperX Savage SSD

As the title suggests, this SSD is an extreme performer and as recorded by Kingston, my review shows some of the fastest readings they’ve seen. This 2015 solid state drive is a red flaming drive that focused on maximum performance. Still being used in my machine today, it’s brought me excellent service. Read the full review here .

XClaim Xi-3 Wireless Access Point

The XClaim Xi-3 wireless access point is an incredible device for a small business that seeks out wireless in a big or small room, but instead I use it in a home environment for the perfect wireless range. Its trouble-free and painless operation makes it suitable for those who may not be well in tune with today’s technology. Read the full review here .

Beyerdynamic MMX 200 Headset

If your budget has no limited and you’re buying for a hardcore gamer, the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is a no limits headset that brings the best sounds to your ears and records your every word through the built in microphone. While priced high, they are truly the best gaming headset available; they’re even handmade in Germany! Read the full review here .

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dash Cam

Car accidents happen all the time, so protect yourself when it happens to you! The BlackVue dash camera, that records 360 degrees, is a 1080p device that is the ultimate all seeing eye. Protecting my every drive and my car, I couldn’t imaging ever driving again without one. Read the full review here .

Samsung EVO 850 SSD

A highly recommended brand here at TSF is Samsung as their products are unmatched. This SSD that was reviewed last month is a performance drive that also keeps reliability in mind. With capacities between 120GB to 1TB, Samsung SSDs remain at the top of the leaderboards. Read the full review here .

RAVPower RP-PB07 and RP-PB17

Whether resting in your car or going on a camping trip, having a portable USB power bank is a must. Smartphones can only last so long on their own battery and such a device can be the difference of losing your GPS maps or getting to your destination safely. Read the full review here .

Have a wonderful New Year and Merry Christmas to all!

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