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TEW-639GR XP computers cannot connect via DHCP

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My XP laptops cannot connect to my TEW-639GR router over wifi. I get the "Limited or No Connectivity Message". The same 2 XP laptops can connect if they are wired without problems.
My Ubuntu computer can connect to wifi and wired without problem.
"Limited or No Connectivity" usually means a DHCP problem in XP. I have DHCP turned on on my router.
This problem did not immediately start when I first set up the TEW-639GR. It happened infrequently on my XP laptops initially for about 2 months but now it happens all the time.
Thanks in advance.
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chrono280 - Welcome to TSF,

Let's start off with something simple - Power Cycling your devices.

Test your connection after and update us.
I've definitely power cycled everything more than once. I've also factory reset the router twice and made sure that it's firmware is up to date.
Thanks for the idea, tho.
Any idea why it only affects my Windows XP machines?
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