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Tethering with smart phone

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hello - at the present i have a DSL internet connection. to get DSL i have to have a landline. i have a cell phone so i do not need the landline. so i want to cancel the landline service - but i can't because i need the DSL.

i want to know this - if i get a smartphone (with internet access) - can i use it as a modem at home for my computer. i have read about tethering - do not understand it completely.

also if i can use the "tethering" --- how would i connect the smart phone to my computer.

and could i use the "tethering" to connect the smart phone to my present linksys wirelss router?

thank you for your help.
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First off, the tethering will probably cost more than the DSL service! Verizon charges $30 for data, and an additional $20 for tethering. In addition, the tethering only allows 2 gigabytes before there are additional charges.

Think carefully about this option before you jump into the deep end. :smile:
Thank you Very Much for your reply. I was thinking that my DSL + my landline
combined cost about $70 per month. And my cell phone (mine and my mother's together) costs around $62. So if I got a smart phone - I could discontinue my DSL and my lane line (saving $70).

You said for the smart phone the data charge would be $30 (for limited
amount) --- is that what Verizon charges for the "anywhere" internet connection? So I would pay $30 (at least) for the "anywhere" internet connection plus the $60 for the wireless connection plus $20 for the
tethering? Plus whatever it would be for my mother's cell phone (she only needs to make and receive phone calls). So that would be a total of $110.

I am already paying the $60 for the wireless phone. So it would be $50 more for the smart phone wireless plus internet connection. But I would save $70 by discontinuing the DSL and landline.

So the way I calculate it -- if I got the smart phone --- I would be paying $20 less than I am paying now. i.e. I am paying $70 for land line and DSL plus $60 for wireless - or $130 for phone/internet service. And if I discontinued the landline and DSL I would be paying $60 for the wireless phone, plus $30 for data, plus $20 for tethering - or a total of $110 for
phone/internet service. PLUS I would have "anywhere" internet access with a smart phone.

Am I calculating this correctly?

I hope I stated this clearly enough.

Thank you.

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Well, you have discounted the taxes that get added to the Verizon service. You only get 2gigabytes a month with the tethering as well, which will go quickly if you use the Internet much.

Truthfully, I don't see you saving money.

You do know that you can get "bare" DSL without the phone service for less, right? If you are planning on using your cell phone as your primary phone, that would be a way to save money and still keep a much better Internet connection.
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