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Terrible www problem!

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I run a small webpage (, and a few days ago I ran into a problem. I had updated the site just a bit with some unimportant info, then gone out of the house. When I came back I could no longer access the site at I could get there (and still can) if I leave the "www." part out. I've tried Opera6.04, Opera7, IE6, and Netscape7. In opera and IE I get the typical "not found" messages... however in netscape it says "The connection was refused when attempting to contact". This computer also shares its internet connection (cable modem) with another PC in my home... that PC also cannot access the site when "www." is placed in front of it

I am the only person having this problem. Everyone else can access the site normally. Tech support from both the host and domain provider haven't been able to help (the domain provider says the problem must be with the host and the host says the problem must be on "my end"), and I'm starting to pull my hair out! Any help or insight would be GREATLY appreciated.

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I can get to it both ways.

?. Does it matter? As long as the users can get to it fine with the usual www.?

You're trying to get to it from an internal network? Could simply be a DNS issue. I'm a little rusty on my DNS (Domain Name Service) but I believe the WWW is almost the highest part - it's the highest that most of us deal with. There is an implied "." before the WWW that is "root" but no one uses that except DNS gurus.

Do you have your own DNS server or do you use your ISP's? On a 2000 or XP box, you could run NSLOOKUP and test the look ability of the DNS server to get to

Lookup how to's on the 'net for using NSLOOKUP. Or you can also type a "?" and get a list of commands wonce your're in it.
Technically, It doesn't really matter. I will have to go through all my html and CGI and remove the "www." from every area where it has it if I want to use the forum and stuff (I can't access them correctly as is). I just figured I'd try to fix it before I gave in to that.

Yes, I'm on an internal network, although its a very small one... just this main PC (the cable modem goes into it, and it in turn shares the connection to the hub), and my laptop. I know so little about this DNS stuff and networking.. I know my way around a computer, but I never really took the time to learn it all.

Tried to figure out NSLOOKUP, and while I didn't understand all of it, I did get it to lookup the IP of the site based on the name server with and without the "www.". It retured the correct IP in both instances.

Based on my limited knowledge it really seems to me that this problem is somehow in the site options, or perhaps in the .htaccess file (although I already checked it). I think this since it is the only site that is having problems with the "www.". I can get to any other site just fine, even with "www." in front.

Thanks for the help, hopefully we can get this figured out.. if not I guess I'll have to just fix the cgi/html.

Edit: Also, I'm pretty sure I just use my ISP's DNS server, but like I said, I don't know a ton about networking and internet stuff. If I remember correctly I just plugged the cat5 in and let it auto-configure itself. I didn't have to enter anything.
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