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Temporary CPU Replacement

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Hi Guys,

Hope this is in the right spot.

I have a QDI mobo with a P4 2.4 in a 478 socket. The booklet that came with mobo from manufacturer states that the board is compatible with: Intel Pentium 4 (Northwood) socket 478 processors at 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2/2.26/2.4/2.53/2.66/2.8/3.06 Ghz.

I ,accidentally, purchased a used ( and unreturnable) Mobile Pentium 4 3.06 Ghz ( NOT Pentium 4 - M ) it is as follows:

Family Intel Mobile Pentium 4
Processor number: 532
Frequency: (GHz) 3.067
Bus speed: (MHz) 533
Package type: 478-pin FC-mPGA4
Core stepping E0
Qualification sample Q72V
Previous stepping SL7DT
Manufacturing technology (micron) 0.09
L2 cache size (KB) 1024
Features Enhanced SpeedStep technology
Hyper-Threading technology
Thermal Monitor 2
Core voltage (V) 1.25 - 1.4
Case temperature (°C) 75

Can I use this 3.06 Mobile Pentium 4 on my QDI board, at least untill I can locate and obtain a true P4 Northwood CPU?

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Where did you get the moble P4 info from a P4 523 is a Prescott core 3.06

Prescott (90 nm)

* All models support: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, Hyper-Threading

Model Number sSpec Number Frequency L2-Cache Front Side Bus Multiplier Voltage Min/Max TDP Socket Release Date Part Number(s)
Mobile Pentium 4 HT 518 SL7DS (D0) 2800 MHz 1024 KiB 533 MT/s 21× 1.15/1.4 V 50/88 W Socket 478 June 2004 RK80546HE0721M
Mobile Pentium 4 HT 532 SL7DT (D0) 3066 MHz 1024 KiB 533 MT/s 23× 1.15/1.4 V 50/88 W Socket 478 June 2004 RK80546HE0831M
Mobile Pentium 4 HT 538 SL7DU (D0), SL7NB (E0) 3200 MHz 1024 KiB 533 MT/s 24× 1.15/1.4 V 50/88 W Socket 478 June 2004 RK80546HE0881M
Mobile Pentium 4 HT 548 SL7X5 (E0) 3333 MHz 1024 KiB 533 MT/s 25× 1.15/1.4 V 50/88 W Socket 478 September 2004 RK80546HE0931M
Mobile Pentium 4 HT 552 SL7NC (E0) 3466 MHz 1024 KiB 533 MT/s 26× 1.15/1.4 V 50/88 W Socket 478 January 2005 RK80546HE10
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When you get it post what numbers are on it the specs are close it may work and you won't hurt anything trying it.

Many years ago I built a 65 GTO Dad was happy the whole time I was in the barn working on it right up until the day it actually started and drove into the driveway open headers and all. Seems he never thought it would run:grin:
Still can't find it on intel but I did find it here

Pop it in and see if the bios knows what to do with it.
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