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Temp. of cpu

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Another? for yas. I can't find in my mb manual or on amd's site, ( I have a 900mhz amd athlon.) So wondering where to find out or if you guys know what temp it shoud run at about idle speed. Wondering if my heatsink and fan is working well and if it is good enough thanks in advance.

btw, it is running 120* F now at idle.
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I don't really know to much about chip temp. specs. off the top of my head I will look around though....I would venture a guess and say 120 is running hot especially if its idle. Ill get back to you with some fact and not a guess though. :)
What is the temp of your room like?
How big is your case?
How many fans do you have?
What other CPU intensive devices do you have in there?
(Newer graphics card...stuff like that)

120 is running pretty hot for idle, but if it's 98 in your room there isn't much you can do without getting a tornado
room temp is 75, mid tower soon to get antec full tower, have side of case open and 80mm in back and front small fan for hdd fan on vid card chipset fan, dual fans on psu and the cpu fan which is a cooler master CP5-7H53F not huge but plan on getting a copper hs one with faster fan
What are you using to determine current temp. bios or external program?
just bios have no ext program, also have read many forums on cpu fans what r good ones in your opinions?

I'm not really what you would call a "parts guy" I build computers but don't really stay up on the latest thing until I go out to get it, so I'm not really the one that should be answering this, but I believe that others here (you know who you are) are very fluent in what your looking for, I'm sure they'll be along before to long. :)
How much do you want to spend.... because HERE is the best thing I've ever seen... pure copper... fast... quiet... other than the fact that it's kinda bulky and razor sharp its great :D
Thanks that's not to bad price, is that for soc. A I looked but didn't know if the 462/A for amd is the soc A. thanks.
Well, just to let you know:

I am running a full Aopen Tower with standard fans on a AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1.53 Ghz, 512 DDR ram, Leadtek GeForce 2 GTS Pro 64 DDR card and right at this moment SSandra says my CPU is running at 114 degrees. If that is any help for ya. Usually when I am gaming online with a ton of People in the room on Quake 3 it will get up to 121 degrees, but not usually higher than that.

Hope that answers your question for ya,

Good luck,

Well I don't know why it is running so hot, going to get the Zalman copper heatsink with thermal paste and a copper shim maybe that will do it.
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