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Task bar questions

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Ok I always have this annoying langauge bar thing pop up on my taskbar when I reboot, and my windows media player setting doesn't set on the taskbar. (The one to give you the play/pause buttosn etc when you minize windows media player. Is there a way to make the changes such as keeping language bar from popping up and keep media player in the task bar without having to change it every time.

Not sure if i'm explaining myself very well here.
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Hi Nik00117..

you can disable the Language Bar by following the instructions below:

- Click Start -> Run -> type:
- Click OK
- That will launch your Regional and Language Control Panel applet, select the 'Languages' tab and the click the 'Details' button
- In the Preferences section towards the bottom of the next popup, click Language bar and then uncheck the options
- Click Apply then OK to save your changes and that should sort it.

Hope that helps :)
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Thanks ;) I'll tell you if that worked or not later.
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