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System Won't Boot

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System suddenly stopped booting up. Never get to POST. System starts powering on then stops suddnly. Screen shows only two lines of text:

GS 0002 (3 zeros)

Ldt 0000 (4 zeros)

Am using Intel® Pentium® III 1.2GHz/133MHz processor with the Intel 815E chipset; PC133 SDRAM; Embedded Intel 8MB4 DirectAGP DVMT 2D/3D Graphics

OS: Factory Installed Microsoft Windows® 2000 Professional

CAn anyone help me understand / fix this problem?
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Wow, sorry to hear that. I'm checking around for some answers since I have no instant ones, but it sounds like fried cmos, ala motherboard.:(

Are there any beeps out of the speaker prior to the text, also are there any reads on the cdroms, floppy, hds. I am asumming not since you said it never gets to the startup screen, it is getting to the POST or you would have no beeps, no text, it may not be completeing it, but thats what the beeps question is for :)

So let me know, it could be a wasted bios chip, have you made any modifications of any hardware or has your system been running noticbly hot, check to make sure the fan in the back still runs when power is on, also has the system been locking up or shutting down without reason prior to this error.
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