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System Won't Boot or recognise Drive

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Hi There,

Im having an issue that started a month ago (did not hav ethe issue for a year prior) in which my computer is not booting my hard drive.

It started with happening once in a while..then turned into half the time it would boot and recognise it and half the time it wouldent, to now completely not booting from it or recognising it at all, it give the PRI MASTER S.M.A.R.T. Error, replace the drive. If I skip that it will try and load windows but hangs at the floating windows 7 logo.

I have brought the drive to a Tiger Direct Tech, he ran a diagnostic and tried booting from the drive successfully. He then told me it may be a motherboard issue or bad SATA Cable. I went home and tried a brand new SATA cable connecter in every sata port and no dice. I then called ASUS and explained the issue, They advised that im still under warrenty and to get a replacement mobo, they sent me a brand new motherboard, I re-set my system and guess what. Same issue. so Im stumped, The BIOS Recegonises the drive, but the system wont boot from it, yet apparently another system can. I have drive detection in the bios set to automatic and all settings to IDE.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated, this is an odd issue I have never encountered.

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Did you actually see the Tiger Direct tech successfully boot from the drive, or is it just what he's told you? I'm not totally sold on their opinion that the drive is okay.

You should test it with the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software for DOS.
The links are here:

The DOS versions are usually ISO files from which you can make a CD using IMGBurn from here:

Boot your problem PC from that CD to run the test on the drive. Choose the long or extended test if available rather than a short test.

If the drive checks out okay, well at least you'll know that much for sure, rather than taking someone else's word for it.
Thanks for your reply,

I didn't actually see him do the boot, he was over the counter, but I dont see any reason in him needing to lie.

The first link you gave is innactive.
I second what with PIP said. It sounds like a bad drive. By the way both links work fine for me.
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