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system restore

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This past week, I had to do a full system restore on my Compaq Presario 5340 with Windows 98.

Everything went fine until I tried to reinstall my Lexmark 3200 printer. Everytime I put the CD in to reinstall the printer, I get an error message that says that "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" then my printer won't install.

What is the problem? How do I correct it?
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You said the "C"word. Anyway, try this. First, dis- able autorun for cd's. Delete all printers from the printers folder (not the fax, just the printers). Then re-boot with the printer hooked up (I'm assuming LPT1 and not USB). Windows should see the printer and ask you for a driver. Point it toward your CDrom which ever letter it is called (on Compaq usually E ). This might or might not work but has worked for me in the past.

I have a great deal of respect for you because you are the only person I know that has ever got one of those Compaq restore disks to work. Including myself.
Ok, well if it still doesnt work, here is the LINK to the most recent driver to download. Then install from there.
Compaq Sysytem Restore

I tried the "disable auto run" and that didn't work, I still get the same error message and I tried the new driver page, same result.

I'm beginning to think I may have to restore again and start from scratch.

Any suggestions, I am open to them
Any suggestions? Forget the restore disk and borrow a win98se disk off a friend. Or an enemy. Actually I have had the pleasure of re-doing a 5340 for a place I worked. (the allmighty amd k6-400)
The only way it worked right was to replace the OS with win2kpro. It didn't require a bios update and had a driver for every on-board luxary. It is still working till this day. so- unless something is wrong with your hardware, win 2kpro will install flawlessly on your computer and all of your devices will work without searching for drivers.

OOPS I just checked and it only has drivers for Lexmark up to 3000. You will still need to download drivers for your printer. Just ignore me.:eek:
a sorry i have to look back then c u ok thanks
I don't understand. Was that a comment or a question or a typo?
We will be glad to help, however we need more info. Any info.
I would stick with the Compaq restore disk. Finding drivers from compaq can be a bear. I think its likely you just had a bad install, make sure the cd-rom is clean and free from scratches. If you nuked your PC for virus reasons it could have hidden its self in the MBR, being that most restore disks do not hit the MBR. Use a Win98 boot disk from the A prompt type "fdisk /mbr". It can be hard to tell if it happend becuase it only takes a fraction of a second.
The drivers on the restore disk are obsolete as of ship date. Eventhough I have a learned dis-respect for Compaq, I have found their web page one of the easiest for navagating for OEM drivers, even though I rarely use OEM anything because of intrinsically poor performance.

I chose to oppose, now I must yield? (humor, man!)
Compaq won't tell you this, but you can also go to your Presario support folder and it should have the restore option in there too. From there you can also choose from a full restore or a partial restore. Hope this helps.l

Thanks for all the advice on reinstalling my Lexmark printer after a full system restore, but the problem is now solved.

I had a bad restore and simply had to do another one. Now the printer and everything else is working perfectly (for now). I appreciate all the responses
I had to try to restore my compaq laptop one time and it was a real pain.

So, I just got my win98 cd out and formatted and did a fresh install of win98. I will admit i had to look hard to find all the device drivers but now I never have any problems with my laptop anymore.

I would advise you to do the same. I know that is not what you wanted to hear but it worked for me a few other friends of mine that have compaq's too. Those restore disc's are garbage.

Good luck
Good choice Laffctx, and welcome to the forums! You stole the words right out of my mouth! I never liked Compaq....planned obsolescence is one of my pet peevs, and Compaq is the worst with that. But a clean install is probably best, plus if you can't find a driver I'm POSITIVE someone here can find it , if it exists
I have got to defend Compaq here a little, I'm using one now as my primary laptop, and haven't had any problems so far... not like gateway laptops, the thing fell apart literally.. the CMOS battery on the underside of the motherboard is held in by a plastic clip/housing and the thing fell off the board, every I turned off and on the system I had to reset everything in the BIOS.. I actually had to take the thing completely apart, piece by piece because of course there is no direct access to the battery. :(

TheTech Say: Gateway BAD.

On another note just downloaded that Spell-checker that DJ gave the link for and it works great. No problems (IE6.0) and look no misspelling. :)
TTII- I have only had good luck out of Compaqs after wiping them clean and re loading an OS. I'm happy that you are having luck with yours. I have never gotten a compaq restore disk to work properly.

Laffctx and Valiant, notice the 2nd and 5th post on this thread!

However; I have seen one "C" word server with scsi drives and nt4.0 sp5 that worked pretty good. One.
Ok, true the restore disk is crap, I used it once and it was ok , but all systems are generally better if you clean install the OS with a full version of a windows OS. (Win2000 or XP recommended.)
All Valiant and I are trying to say is that Compaq itself is not a bad machine..... the main problem is the restore disc's. I think all pc's that use a restore disc are sooner or later going to cause you fits.

So, your right the best thing to do is wipe them clean and start over. After I did my Compaq laptop that way it was a great little machine.

Nice to be among nice people

Good luck to everyone fighting the computer battles they are having.

Dude, my point was simply that I agreed with you, but had allready made the "load fresh" suggestion. A reinforcement of your opinions.
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