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System Restore Question

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Hope this is the right section for this question.

I'm selling my desktop PC tower. I have given it a fresh install of Windows 7.

If I create a system restore point now before I install any programmes will I be able to go back to it if somebody agrees to buy it.

Basically what I'm asking is if I restore my system to the backup will EVERY programme I installed be gone, basically leaving it as it was when I installed the fresh copy of Windows?
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To answer your question, yes you can use system restore to go back to the point before you installed the said software. Or to undo any changes that you made to the pc.
Thankyou very much for your swift answer mate, much appreciated. :)
Hi, I would not trust system restore for this purpose it has limitations on what it restores and it is not possible to hold a restore point they are overwritten. What version of 7 do you have, the top end versions (enterprise ultimate) have "complete PC backup" this is ideal for your purpose or alternatively I would use a third party backup Norton Go Back or Acronis true image ... need to find one compatible with 7.
Thanks very much for that advice.

I'm using WIndows 7 Ultimate, will have a look to see if I can see the complete PC backup.

Is it easy to do? I'm decent on computers but some things I'm not sure on & I don't want to mess things up :wink:
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