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I am trying to rid my computer of spyware/viruses.
Look at the picture that I have attached to the thread.

If I move this option to the left to 0% will I still be able to restore my comp, and will this delete any viruses/spyware that I have on my comp once I have reformatted?


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hey mrownu,

it has enough to make a store point. when it is set to 0% it uses 200MB to make a store point.

"System Restore requires 200MB of free hard disk space, which the utility uses to create a data store. If you don't have 200MB of free space, System Restore remains disabled until the space becomes available, at which point the utility enables itself. System Restore uses a first in/first out (FIFO) storage scheme: The utility purges old archives to make room for new ones when the data store reaches a set limit."

the link explains more

Windows System Restore
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