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system restore failed, now not booting properly

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My wife has tried to do a system restore on her computer, it hung half way through and she restarted the computer manually !!.........doh !!
She now gets XP to load, it loads fine and briefly flashes the start logo on the bottom left before going to a windows desktop background and nothing else.
I can ctrl+alt+del into the task manager but this is all ??
can anyone suggest anythin to fix this?
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in task manager can you click on new task and can you run explorer.exe? if not then explorer or part of explorer might have been corrupted. I would try rebooting and right before you see the windows xp splash screen, hit F8, the try the last good known configuration. If it doesn't work try to go to safe mode using the same method and try restoring from there.
Run a windows XP repair from the CD (not the recovery console version) and this shoudl replace all the system files and the PC should work fine. You may need to remove and reinstall applications though

From the task manager I managed to start a new task, and launched the restore program, from there I managed to restore the computer settings back
cheers for the help
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