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System Restart Issue

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Hey Guys

My first post on TechSupport, and I have a weird issue to troubleshoot. To explain it clearly, I'll break it up into separate problems, which I think might be related to just 1-2 faulty components:

System Config:-

AMD Athlon 5600+
Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H Board (Rev 1.0)
G-Skill Pi Black DDR2 800 MHz RAM (2 X 2GB)
Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 (Dual Slot) 512 MB
CoolerMaster extremePower Plus 500W (Dual Rail, 18A on each rail)

OS: Windows 7 64-Bit


1. When I start up my PC, I hear no POST beep or see anything on the monitor for quite a bit of time. Sometimes it takes more than 2 minutes for the POST beep to sound. The strange part is that the time required for the beep to occur reduces as the weather gets warmer (or the room temperature increases). :4-dontkno . I, for one, have never heard of a computer needing warming up before booting :p.
Also, sometimes after pressing the power button, if I wait for 3-5 seconds and press the Reset button 2-3 times in succession, the POST happens immediately :D

2. While playing certain specific games, my system restarts after some time into the game. The game need not be a high end one. For instance, the system restarted while playing both NFS Hot Pursuit (2010) as well as some Harry Potter game :). The system logs did not give me an indication of what's happening, and just make a mention of an unexpected system restart.

3. My motherboard's eSata port has stopped working inexplicably (I'm not sure if this problem is related :p)

What I've done so far:-
- Checked my RAM sticks for any errors using memtest (ran it over a night through multiple passes)
- Stress tested the CPU, RAM and Gfx Card for a considerably long duration, to rule out the possibility of overheating
- Updated drivers and BIOS (I don't think an updated BIOS for my Gfx card is available)
- Removed my Graphics Card and ran the system on onboard graphics. While the startup problem remained, the restart did not happen while gaming for over an hour
- I tried using my Gfx Card and PSU in an old AMD Athlon64 3800+ machine. This obviously isnt the perfect machine to test these components, as the CPU creates a huge bottleneck. Nevertheless, the startup was fine, and the game (NFS Hot Pursuit again) ran ok till a buffer overflow occurred and gave me a BSOD (possibly because the CPU was ill-equipped to run the game :)

I'm stuck here, as I cannot pinpoint the particular component which is faulty. The Motherboard / CPU, PSU or even the Gfx card could be responsible. Please help!!

Apologies for the huge post :)
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unfortunately the coolermaster extreme power is a super DUD and I think the source of your restarts; I just hope it hasnt damaged your motherboard

I would look for the Corsair 750-TX or 650-TX or XFX Black edition power supplies

when you tested your memory did you test with only one stick of memory occupied in the motherboard at one time? never run memtest with one that one stick occupied or memory errors can hide

you could also run hard drive diagnostic to be sure your boot drive is not messed up / visit your hard drive manuf's website & download their free bootable DOS diag testing tool
I'm with linderman on the PSU being the source of your problems. It's low quality and underpowered. The rest of your hardware is good quality.
Hmm... I think it probably has damaged the motherboard at some level... The system ran fine till I got my graphics card, and soon after that, these problems started occurring.

About the memtest, yeah, I tested both memory sticks simultaneously. I didn't know that this could hide possible issue. Maybe I'll leave the memtest on for each stick separately before going out to replace the PSU... just to make sure.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong -- In case of memory related errors, usually I should be getting a BSOD right? This was what I'd assumed while ruling out the possibility of faulty memory...

Thanks for your replies!!
Another query, since now I am looking for replacements :)...

How does ECS A780GM-A Black Edition compare to my current board (Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H)? I'm looking for a temp board to run my current rig, till I decide to go in for a complete upgrade.
I am not a big fan of ECS motherboards they often just arent a stable platform/ if once you replace the power supply and are still having issues; you should be able to RMA your board back to gigabyte for replacement; but try the power supply replacement first
or chase this ebay offering

Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 Motherboard, next day shipping - eBay (item 220760989699 end time Apr-03-11 12:55:56 PDT)

I just bought two of these off ebay last week; they are a damn good board and I didnt pay more than $65.00 for either one!

when you get the replacement board back from gigabyte (if you have to go that route) then sell off the replacement on ebay ?
one final query... I'm going to be on a really tight budget, especially if I opt to get a new motherboard as well... So for my current rig, will a Corsair VX450 suffice? I know it's dated, but I'm getting it cheap, and I want it to last me about 12-18 months without any issues, before I go in for a complete upgrade...
I would've gone for a Seasonic S12II 520W, but availability's an issue with this model here in India... Do let me know if the VX450 will do the job... Thanks!
I doubt the PSU has damaged the Mobo. GPU's are the most susceptible to poor power.
Your PSU is definitely in need of replacing so I would suggest doing that first and see how it goes.
You need to have a 550W minimum good quality PSU.
Replaced my PSU.. but the problems are still there :(... Does this mean that the Gfx card / mobo is gone? Is there any way to find out which is the culprit? (I don't have a spare of either)
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