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System Lockups

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I am having system lockups. Some days are better than others. I mainly have lockups while playing Delta Force: Land Warrior. I have tried everything I can think of to fix problem but with no success. I had this problem before I got a new tower and power supply and was able to stop it by taking the cover off of the old tower and running a fan on the pc. But now with the new tower I am having the problem. I have reformated drive, bought new memory, used several different modems, used two different agp cards, installed fan on hard drive, and put new heat sink and fan on cpu. Lockups mainly occurs while playing the game online. I have also noticed that my video, modem, sound, acpi, and usb contollers are all using the same irq. I have tried to change this issue with no success. I have also noticed an error on bootup with the acpi trying to write to an illegal I/O address. I have all the latest bios drivers, modem drivers, agp drivers, and sound drivers. Have tried different tweaks on system have noticed no performance changes and lock up still occurs. The only thing I haven't tried is a new hard drive, motherboard, and cpu. I figured when a cpu goes bad it goes all at once. Please help.

System Specs.
AMD athlon k6 type 4 1. GHz
Maxtor 14 gig HD
Chaintech Geforce 2 mx 400
Corsair pc 133 sdram 512 m 1 stick
Fic 1st Mainboard AZ11
Motorola SM56 Modem
AC'97 onboard sound
Antec full tower with 4 case fans and 420max watt power sup
Coolermaster copper heatsink w/heatpipe and 7000rpm fan
HD fan

I hope this is enough info
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have you tried checking the temperature of the cpu and system while it is under a heavy load? perhaps the system you have simply needs rediculous amounts of cooling. i know people who use some sort of an external cooler, that has hoses to go into the case, and this supposedly works like nothing else. remember that the pc companies do their best to make machines that can handle todays games and applications, and then tommorow the game and application makers are going to make better games that require more resources. and this is a contstant thing, the pc makers are trying to maximize the software, and at the same time the software makers are trying to maximize the pc. it doesnt work out too well. but check the temp with the machine idle, and again with it heavily loaded, and let us know.

which OS do you try to run this on ? What exactly happens when you try to reset the IRQs ? does the PC lock up or does it give you an error message ? You've also said that quite a few components use the same IRQ..that might be the problem with the IRQ sharing especially if you have a data/fax modem, ...acpi (advanced configuration and power interface ) trying to use illegall I/O address means that acpi is trying to write to the memory address that is protected for use by something else...check your bios for an option to disable acpi...wont hurt...and try updating the bios completely....

p.s. do you have any screensavers on or do you have the pc (hd and monitor) shut down after certain time...kinda like powersaver feature ? try turning those off...
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