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System lock up

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I posted a few weeks ago regarding my system keep locking up then forcing me to restart, i then opened the case and cleaned the system of dust, this worked and seemed to fix the problem.

But the problem has reared its ugly head again, it locked up and when i restarted my computer it gave out a beep code of 8 short beeps.

This is what the beep code says it is:

8 short - Display memory read/write error The system video adapter is missing or defective
Anyone know what i can do to sort this out?
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It means that their is a problem with the video card of your computer.... Pull out and reinsert your video card again... if that doesnt solves your problem then try it out in somebody's computer to check...
I'm doubting its not seated properly unless you've been been moving the case around or fiddling inside much.

You'll still have to check it though and after reseating if the error persists, as mentioned above, try it in another computer. This will show you where the error lies. You may have a naft video card which it sounds like esp. getting the BIOS beeps out of no where.
While your card is out, try pressing on all the chips.There is a phenomenon called "chip creep" in which the chips creep out of their socket due to expansion and contraction
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