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system information problem

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Hello all, just a quick question about system information.
I cant access it....anyone know why ?


Ps: :wave: hello im bob from england
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Welcome Bob, from another Englishman, to the forum.

If you have MS Office you can access system info through the help menu. Go to help -> About then click on system information.

You might not have permission to view the info, are you the sole user of the machine? Look in Control Panel -> Users to see the profiles available and the permissions. You have to have admisistrator privileges to change the profiles though.
Hi there, what ive recently done is use my recovery disk for my laptop and basically its all fresh again....i do have a seperate disk (ms works) and i havent installed it, do you think this is why? i could access it previously. Ive tried to press help in the start up menu and its not this because i need to install ms works.

Ive checked my user account and im the admin user.
Morning Bob, I'm not sure about the system info now - I've never come across this before. What information are you looking for? There is likely to be another way of getting it, i.e. SandraLite, Speedfan and CPU-z in my signature all give detailed system information. SandraLite is the broadest and will probably give you what you're looking for.
Evening phil, i just wanted to access it for directx diagnostics....where it goes through a series of tests, just cant understand why i cant access it. Must be an error somewhere but other than that shes back to her sexy best lol. Saying that, the help and support wont load up either. :4-dontkno

Hmm, there could be missing or corrupt files. For now I would defragment your disk and use checkdisk and a registry cleaner -

Run jv16 power tools from the link below.
click on tools at the top and choose registry cleaner
run it and when it has finished anything with a green dot at the left should be safe to remove

Now that you say the help and support won't load it sounds like you might have to do a repair install of windows.
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