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My computer had been running fine (Specs below) Then one day I had opened steam to update L4D2. It froze and started slowing down and eventually BSOD with "Unmountable_Boot_Volume. So I tried numerous times to install XP back on it. Every time when it booted up it would be missing a different systems file.

I eventually hooked the drive up to another computer that said it was basically fried. So I installed another one and installed XP back on it. It booted up and ran. I rebooted and it went through my Asus Pre-Load screen.. And then a black screen shows up with

1. HD System Type-(00)

FreeDos kernel versopm X/X/XXX (Build 2035-<Insert stuff here>)
Kernel combatability 7.10 - WATCOMC - Fat32 support

C: HD1, Pril[ 1}, CHS= 0-1-1, Start = 0MB, Size = 31MB

Bad or missing command interpreter
Enter the full shell command line: /P /E:256

Since now a SECOND drive won't work, do you think my motherboard is going out?

Asus 570Nforce
8600 GT
AMD 6000+ X2
2 Gigs DDR2 800MHZ
And the first HDD was a WD 250, and the second a Seagate 80 GIG. Both are sata
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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