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Not a support question, but i thought i'd make mention of it to help others.

Looking for a NVC alternative, I found synergy. using this tutorial (, i was able to successfully set it up. the tutorial uses an older version than the current release. This crossed me up. the GUI is different but everything else is the same. name each computer, set server/client, and tell where the borders are. MAKE SURE you make a circle of the monitors, or you'll kill the mouse (I did this on accident and had to go to the remote computer to close synergy and revive the mouse on the server).

Client is hybridtwist, server is custom (each have 2 displays, so i can pan 1 mouse across 4 screens in a row).

hybridtwist is right of custom
custom is right of hybridtwist (this makes the one way circle)
custom is left of hybridtwist
hybridtwist is left of custom (this makes the circle go both ways)

I'm now armed and dangerous. My productivity rate just 1.5'd itself...way better than VNC. Just saved me 30 bucks on a KVM that was only going to be a KM anyways..and even then, both towers have full K/M setups..I'm just taking advantage of the extra 2 17" screens.

So now, my workspace is 17" CRT, 19" LCD, 17" CRT, 17" CRT.

and OBTW, hybrid is running windows 2000 SP4. custom is XP SP2
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