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sygate firewall issue

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hey guys, this happens only when playing silk road, sygate will pop up and say that nt kernal and system or somthin like that, is blocked, i keep checking dont show again but it just keeps comming up, if i see it tonight ill get a shot of it and post it. but this is annoying as it only seems to do it when im fighting alot of stuff lol
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Have you allowed the application permission to run in Sygate config?

You'll need to add that entry as maybe the first time it promoted you, you didn't set it rightly. If that happened then on subsequent attempts it won't be overwritten until you manually enter the config and change the old saved entry. Thats what it seems like clearly. use the Help that comes with the application in its menu to see how to allow or unblock a blocked applciation.
well should it have access is what im asking
I doubt there's anything cautious here but whats the exact message that comes up?
that nt kernal and system is blocked from accessing the internet
If it only happens when playing the game I see no harm in allowing it. :smile:
i have allowed it, but it still says it, even when im not playin a game now lol

You can change anything blocked/allowed by going to Tools> Applications and changing the deny/allow/ask properties for the application in Sygate.

Check to see if you have all these blocked as well apart from the 1st which you have blocked at the moment:

NT Kernal and System
LSA Shell (export version)
Generic Host Process for Win32 services
Application Layer Gateway service
NDIS User mode I/O driver
Windows Explorer
Client Server Runtime Process

Thats the normal list I've known for Sygate to have blocked unless you configure it not to: i.e. allow.

NT Kernel and System is aka ntoskrnl.exe:
a file at the very core of Windows. It's integral to the boot process for one thing. In contrast to before, I can't see it needing to connect to the internet unless this is a trojan in disguise as its known to be altered by the w32.bolzano and variants. Keep it blocked!

To cure the pop up notification..turn off the popup messages:

Tools -> Options -> General - "hide notification messages" IIRC

See how that goes.
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