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well i have a Acer M1201 And it came with a 160gb harddrive and i bought a brand new 500gb western digital hard drive on sale for 60 bucks

And the way it came from acer is this way

OS Partition (acer) & Data

So when i reformat all the stuff stays on data and the stuff on os(acer) is removed and re-installed.

So i want to make it the same partition with the 500gb

I want the os to have 80 gb
And the data to have the rest

But is there anyway i can transfer all the data and os from the stock 160gb harddrive to the 500gb one im about to install and then go into the bios and switch the boot device to boot from the 500gb and not the stock one and have no changes?

or is it a bit harder than that?

Please help
Thanks in advance

I have the 160gb but its only coming up as for both 134.3gb

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couple of ways you can do this, main thing is you need to have is a hard drive image program and a way to hook up your 500g drive to the computer as a second drive. You do an exact image of your current hard drive to the new one, swap hard drives out, and then edit the data partition in vista with only the 500g drive in the computer.

Edit: lol forgot the other could take both drives to a computer shop that has a drive imager and do it that way also, but they may charge for something like that.
So it wouldn't be safe to Copy all the files to the harddrive itself?
I have acer and the way they install os. it goes like a backup kind of and its this thing called eRecovery if i have the disc that i got from acer can i just install a new os on the new harddrive and transfer what i need to the new hard drive and wipe the old harddrive and then use it for files?
that will work too, just as long as you do use the acer recovery discs on the new drive first, let it create all three partitions (theres one hidden on for the acer erecovery data, why you only see 134g) and then copy your data over.

Kinda the same thing as doing the image, just need to be able to have both drives hooked up at the same time, just one way you start with a fresh copy of windows installed, and the other way you have exactly what it is now.
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