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Switching Internet Connection

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Hello everyone,

We have a IBM laptop under Windows XP. We mainly use this laptop between 2 locations, 1 at work (using LAN connection), and 1 at home (using wireless connection). The connection in work requires a configuration script, where we can put it in by going to internet properties --> connection --> LAN settings --> Use automatic configuration script (then enter http://www.h..........etc in the field).

Basically, when we bring this to home, the wireless works fine, but the next day we bring the laptop back to work and connect to LAN, the configuration unchecks and disappears by itself, so we have to enter the http://www.h....etc all over again. This didn't happen to us before but something happened.

Any help would be great, thanks.
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When you are on the wireless connection at home, does the "automatic configuration script" setting still show, or has the checkmark moved to "automatically detect settings"?

Have you added any users or changed any user profiles recently? Did you upgrade to IE7? If this behavior is recent enough, you could always resort to the system restore, just to see if it helps [you'd want to visit Windows Update again, though, to get any Updates that might need reinstalling].

Another thing you could try: before shutting down at home, close your browsers, and if your IBM has a wireless enable/disable slider/switch - move the slider/switch to the "disable" position.

And there are always those highly trained professionals in your I.T. department :) --- who might have seen this before & have a quick solution.

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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