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quick question
I did a search and didnt have any luck
I usually come here for my info and usually find what I need-sooo

Gateway computer-have had it over 2 years-no probs
I am running vista home premium sp 2

runs good-dont think I have any virus or anything
but its been slower to load stuff for about a week

svhost.exe(dcomlaunch) is using about 30% cpu
I googled it and it appears to be part of windows update-but I generally take google with a grain of salt LOL

I ran the malwarebites under safe mode,as recommended from here
it came up clean-so it could be a windows thing
ran windows update and made sure nothing was missing

I do plan on buying a new HD,and upgrading to windows 7,as soon as my go-to guy has time
in the meantime
is this possibly a virus?
just a windows thing-and if so what can I do

thanks for any info
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