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Svchost hogging CPU

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Hi there,
Will you please help with a maddening problem?
I run Vista home premium on a Compaq 6820S after a reinstall following a hd crash, using an iso from (dodgy?)
Drivers were installed from HP.
Everything works, but performance is terribly sluggish due to almost 100% cpu usage by svchost.
Process Explorer shows the svchost running taskeng.exe to be the culprit. There are actually 2 instances of taskeng, one seemingly legit but access denied to the other.
Numerous malware scans came up clean.
Starting in safe mode shows normal CPU usage.
Prior to the HD crash there were no problems.
I'll attach a Hijackthis logfile, fwiw.
I'd appreciate any help tremendously.
Grateful thanks,


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Your profile says you are running XP, though you mention Vista, please Update your profile.
Please do not post Hijack This logs unless asked. Due to Forum rules, we cannot comment on Virus activity, If you feel you are infected, please click on the link in my signature Virus/Malware Help, follow those suggestions and post in that section of the forum and not here please.
taskeng.exe is the Task Scheduler.
Go to Start/Search and type Task Scheduler and press enter. Take the Drop down arrow for Task Scheduler Library and look for any suspicious new activity.
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