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Support Guy said its the motherboard.... I don't think so.

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A couple months back I was playing some league of Legends on my Hp G62-229Nr and the game froze up. I had to hard reboot after waiting for it to unfreez for 20 min.
So for the last few months unless you where watching movies on windows media player it would freeze up after about 5-10 min and you would have no choice but to hard reboot.
I cleaned the fan and monitored the temp and that didnt help
I updated all my drivers and that didnt help
I used a registry mechanic and that didnt help
The only error codes we would get from the startup tests where from all the hard reboots.
After rushing to do all my comp business in under 5 min for a month or two I finally decide to get it looked at
I had a guy use a program that wipes your computer re partitions the hard drive and re installs windows because I thought maybe it was a program I had downloaded that was conflicting but he took the disk out for some reason half way through and no matter how many times he tried to restart the process it would freeze up before the updates.
So I took it to a guy I know that runs his own comp repair thing and he told me all he had to do was remove some watch battery on the MB for about 30 min and then run the recovery disk again and all would be well..
So 4 long ridiculous days later I go to get my laptop and he tells me that the MB had a short and that I need to replace it. He also informs me that now when you push the power button there is like a 1 and 15 chance it will actually power up and even then when it does it wont load windows.

I am up to trying just about anything if it means not replacing the MB. The only problems before this I have had with it was I craked the LCD screen and had to replace it.
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