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Sun Enterprise 3500 O.s.

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does anyone knows what is the O.S. o a Sun Enterprise 3500 server?
I am not very sure if it's Solaris, Unix, Linuz, i've trying some commands from those O.S. and nothing.

This is the screen that my server has:

Clock board TOD does not match TOD on any board
5-slot SUn enterprise e3500, keyboard present
Openboot 3.2.26, 4096 mb memory installed, serial # 18047821
Copyright 2000 sun microsystems, inc. all right reserved
ethernet address 9:1:21:e7:21:33, host id: 90z34934

{6} ok _

I just only what to format the hard drives.
Does anyone also know how to access the BIOS configuration, i want to change the boot sequence, i've tried a couple of functions keys combination without any luck.

I'll really apreciate any help, thanks.
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