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suicidal motherboard?

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About a year ago I purchased a value system from my local pc dealer (not custom). It was based on a Duron 1ghz processcor sitting on top of an A7A266 motherboard. I am slowly upgrading it until it reaches the point where it is sufficient for my gaming needs. My problem is this: A couple months ago, the computer's speakers started to make feedback sounds while the computer was off. I also noticed that the num lock light on my keyboard remained lit, as well as the light on my wheelmouse optical (both connected to ps/2 ports). I was forced to turn off the power strip to get the computer the cease its strange antics. When I turned the power strip back on, the computer did a sort of jump-start, and booted without the power button being pressed. These strange antics continued until one day the computer would not come out of sleep mode. This was not extremely unusual. "Sleeping beauty" is not an uncommon hang. So, I turned off the computer and did a cold boot. The computer made its normal noises, but there was nothing on screen. No beep, so it did not POST. Since the computer was still under warranty, I took it back to the dealer who replaced the motherboard (I suspect with an older PCB). The computer worked normally. Now, I have just purchased my latest and greatest upgrade: An AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (Barton core) with an Abit NF7-S (rev2), and it is on its way to my doorstep. Suddenly the antics begin again. All the hardware is the same, except I am using a PCI sound card instead of onboard sound, which was not included with my "new" A7A. The antics are the same, except now I hear the feedback noises during POST. The Num Lock light again remains lit after shutdown. I suspect the power suppy, so I am not installing the NF7-S until I know exactly what is wrong.

>>My question: Is the A7A266 prone to frying itself, or is there a problem with the power supply (generic)?

My specs
A7A266 m/b
Duron 1000 proccessor
1 stick of 256mb DDR Ram
1 stick of 128mb DDR Ram
(speeds are slow, probably mismatched)
GF4 MX 420 64mb Graphics
AudioExcel PCI sound
Aopen modem
generic power supply
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Welcome to TSF..............MBdestroyer

First you will need at least a 350 watt power supply for you new system.

I would just remove everything out of your case including the standoffs. Then start right from scratch by installing the standoffs in their proper places according to the holes in your motherboard and continue from there.
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