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Suggestions on a new Ext. HDD!

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I'm looking to buy a ext. hdd. 160 - 250 gb, for backup only. Pricing around 100$ - 150$. It will be used on two laptops - acer 1642 (1 year old) and toshiba A 200 (brand new). I've read the user comments for WD, Seagate, Maxtor, Lacie and, to be honest, I'm terrified. Is there any other manifacturer that you could suggest, regarding the parameters mentioned above? What do you think of prestigio? I didn't find a bad review for them 'till present. Many thanks for your thoghts. :wave:
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Ive used alot of different drives over the years, internal external.
Ive never used a prestigio, the reason you havent heard anything about
them is because they have not been around as long as the major
manufacturers of hdds and external drives. I could be wrong but Ive
never heard of them. All a external drive is, is a regular harddrive inside
a enclosure, any drive can be made to be external. The reason why
you hear good and bad about maxtor, western digital seagate is because
they have been around for many years. I used to be a big western
digital fan, but I started having some issues, and now Im a maxtor
fan, reliable, quiet, but for a long time WD, was the king. It ebbs and
flows. But I will say this, over all Maxtor has been the best for me.
External, internal they are the best in IMHO. Ive had a maxtor external
running now for about 3 years no problems, this is a maxtor enclosure
as well as the drive. That being said the drive will probably die tomorrow.
Good luck.....
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