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As the title says, I was playing a game some days ago, when all of a sudden, the game started having extremely low FPS. Since then all my games run quite badly and the FPS is significantly lower than before. For comparison, I've been able to run Battlefield 1 on Ultra settings with 60+ FPS, but now (not even on medium or low). Same with other games.

The PC itself is only slow after I launched a game, then it starts stuttering as well. Sometimes it even shutdowns but usually when the game is opened, or while downloading a game.
I've tried reinstalling (and updating) Windows, thinking it's a virus or some malware, but apparently not. I've plenty of space on both my SDD and HDD, nothing is running in the background either. The task manager doesn't show anything strange, and the temperature is fair (~43° C now, with only Chrome and opened).
I did try dusting the hardware too (but not sure about it if was done well)
I assume it's some hardware problem, even though I updated my drives. Any help would be appreciated!

My specs:
Ryzen 5 2600 6-Core CPU
Radeon RX 580 8 GB GPU
B450M DS3H-CF motherboard
Built it for gaming of course, and as before, it supposed to run most games on the highest resolutions.

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Moving to Video Card Support from Windows 10 as that's where the problem probably exists. CPU also a possibility.
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