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Suddenly Server 2008 file sharing Stopes responding

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i'm having a trouble with a company that owns 2 servers and around 20 PC
there are connected to one domain,
everything is working pretty well but sometimes suddenly the sharing folders on the server goes unavailable and the server will not be accessible autocad stop responding because the files are being worked on are on the server,after restarting the server everything goes back to normal,
i usually connect remotely to restart it, this happens every two or 3 days days.
i tried the following:
1. checked dns's on all pc's.
2. changed antivirus on the server.
3. disabled features on network adapters on all pc's that i don't need,
4. Disabled firewall.
5. increased the users that can access the files at the same and still nothing
i'm having a high hopes that my problem will get solved in this forum. :1angel:
is there anything i can try ? , any suggestions ?
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Your first stop should have been the servers event viewer logs

Sounds like one of the following;

ip conflict with the server
server nic failing
server switch port failing
I'll keep an eye on log viewer as for the nic I havent configured it yet or something else you mean?
I'm sorry. I don't understand "as for the nic I havent configured it yet "

nic=network interface card which is what you assign a ip address to so you can communicate with the server.

could you explain what you are saying?

The "look at the event viewer logs" wasn't a monitor them. It was review them now as in look for errors relating to services not starting, ip conflicts, network issues, whatever.

Would you be able to post a ipconfig /all from a server and a workstation for review?
There is a service called NIC as I know :)
Sorry for miss understanding
I'll be posting more details ASAP
Thanks for your support !
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