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Sudden FPS problems in SOME 3d instensive games

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First off sorry if this is the wrong place to post.

A couple days ago I went to a lan party. I took my comp there and back, placing it in the trunk of my car, of which I have 2x 6 by 9 speakers in the parcel shelf sitting about a foot above it. They have large magnets on them. While I was at the Lan we generally played War3~ I played some CoD4 (was a bit drunk) but didn't notice any problems with the fps at all. Once i got home I found that Cod4, AoC and WoW all suddenly started getting really bad FPS. No hardware or software, drivers or anything had been changed. I ran virus scans etc and nothing has showed up. Apart from the FPS problems the computer works fine. I get 200FPS in the CS:S stress test and no problems playing on the net with it either.

Also I should note not even the game settings for any of them have changed either. Especially with CoD4 i find that once i join a game, my ping jumps generally from 25~ depending on the server to 140+ and outside i get 10-30 FPS which for CoD4 and my computer, very bad. Needless to say I have no problems with Starcraft either >.< lol.

These are my specs:
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs)
2048MB RAM
Windows XP Pro
nvidea Gigbyte 8800gt 512mb

Hope that helps guys, I'm no computer pro.

i just find it really odd how those other 3d games can perform so badly in game, while actually playing (fine when on menu screens), while CS:S, still a relatively demanding game, can still perform normally. I'm going to try reinstalling CoD4 today. Additionally since the problem, Crysis bugged while loading so I uninstalled that too, lol going to give that another shot as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I just reinstalled Crysis and played it on singleplayer, same settings as last time and the FPS problem persists.
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CS:S is not as demanding, please try running your games without anti-aliasing on. Be sure that you are not using forced setting in the nVidia control panel. (Select the "let the 3D application decide" option)
During the trip it's possible that the heatsink on the CPU may have been jostled loose.
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