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Sudden drop in up/down speeds

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It seems my internet speeds have dropped the last 2 weeks all of a sudden. I'm through Cogeco cable, with an advertised speed of 16mbps down / 1mbps up. My usual speeds were always in the neighbourhood of 6000-10000 kb/s down and ALWAYS at least 930 kb/s up. 2 weeks ago it suddenly went to around 3600 kb/s down / 540 up (average) Here's a link to my top speed recorded over the last 2 weeks: Numion
I contacted the company and got a form response to do a bunch of malware scans, etc., and they came back with nothing much to report. I was wondering what else I could do troubleshooting-wise before I start yelling at my provider.:rolleyes: Any input is greatly appreciated.
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Go to and create an account. Do their line quality tests and post a link to the result here.
Here's my result from that test... (nice site, BTW)

Line quality 0% loss latency 33.5ms

(edit) Oops! Here's the link...
Those advertised speeds seem pretty high :eek: how much do you have to pay for that? Your new low speeds seem more like average cable users.

Have you recently made any changes to your home network (if you have one). Like adding a router or changing router settings?

If you haven't done anything at your end, the ISP must have downgraded your account, or added a new neighbourhood to their cable pipeline or something.
There is a ton of packet loss on the east coast link, that doesn't look good. Other than that, it looks OK.
Yeah, it's pretty high, I guess. The thing is, I upgraded my account 2 months ago. Before it was (advertised) 10mb down / 640 kb up. My down speeds, of course, never actually hit that target, but the up was always close. I upgraded to 16mb d / 1 mb u, mostly because of the bandwidth cap. Anyway, after I upgraded, everything was great until about 2 weeks ago. Now I'm getting the same speed as the old package, while paying for the higher one. Current price- $66. Former- $44. Guess I'll give 'em a call for the 3rd time. <sighs>
I'd complain again to the ISP, this clearly sounds like a problem only they'll be able to solve.
Yup, I think you're right. Just wanted to check here first. Thanks for your advice and that link to DSL Reports: I'm registered now and it looks like a very useful site. But nothing beats this one!!
Let us know how this gets resolved... if it gets resolved. :smile:
Just finished a gruelling phone call to Cogeco (I'll leave it at that). Apparently, somebody on their end dropped the ball somehow, and reset my speed to a lower-level account, yet it didn't show in their database. Hmmm... So now my upload speed is on par, but my down is still around 50% advertised (they have an 80% guarantee) A technician is popping by on Wednesday.
I think you're on the right road. :smile:
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