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I was regularly using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with no problems what so ever from the OS until 2 days back. Since then, suddenly my laptop is taking a lot of time to boot, shutdown or hibernate- surprisingly no noticeable slow down while turning on from hibernation. Entering and exiting sleep mode is also non-issue. Another strange thing was that on hitting shutdown/hibernate my HDD activity indicator would blink a little and then show no activity for a long time. Then it will come back on, blink randomly, sometimes extended and then shuts down/hibernate.

While powering on from shut down, it also takes a longer than usual time.

My usual hibernate takes around 25secs with the HDD activity remaining on through out. Now it's almost 2mins! I always hibernate my laptop- shut downs are only when required.

I had updated windows that day earlier, but I did hibernate/turn on without any issues after that restart once without problems. To be sure i did a sytem restore- no solution. So i ran windows update again.

I am almost certain my hardware is not a problem- I've made no recent changes, including drivers. It is an ASUS K43-SV notebook with following specs-
Intel Core i5 2410M 2.3Ghz
Nvidia GeForce GT 540M 1GB

I use ESET Smart Security 5.0. I keep only my essential applications like DAP, Audio Manager etc. running in the back ground with minimal startup applications.

While using, the notebook is zippy as it has been since day 1. Only the said problems arose out of the blue.

Could anyone please tell me what's going on or where i need to be looking? Please do help and if any more info is required please do ask.

Thanks in Advance
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