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such an insignifican problem

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but.... im ocd about this :sigh:
so someone recommended me a dlink router, i got that but i dlink like it so i got the linksys E2000.
now, when i bought the e1000, it came with a sticker on the back.So now this E2000, when i opened it did not come with a sticker, and it was the last one on the shelf AND the price went down $10 last time i checked(about a week apart). all this was at a target store.

so im just wondering if this was just a returned router or a mistake??
once again its not a big problem but its just bothering me ;p
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Could simply be a difference in the two routers. As long it's working properly, I wouldn't worry about it.
i just bought one last week, mine did not come with any stickers either. so i would take it thats how it comes.
thanks for the reply guys,
btw do what does DD-wrt do??
people says it speeds up your router? what is the downside?
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