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Stuck on Bios Boot screen

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i have a ASUS P5B-V motherboard And it was displaying a message on the Bios post.

A 333MHz system bus processor is installed. This processor is not supported on this system board, and will run at a reducted processor Clock speed. System performance will be impacted.

i went on the ASUS website and noticed my bios was very out of date and they had added support for new CPU's. so i downloaded the ASUS Bios update tool and updated it with newest virsion.

The problem i have now is that my system doesnt load past the bios screen at the start. just stops and does nothing.

i have a Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz

hope you can help

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Try clearing the CMOS and see if that helps.
done that and still the same problem. would it be wise to borrow a ps/2 keyboard? as i only have a wirless usb one
if your h/d is sata check sata to be seen as ide is set in the bios
fixed. all i needed was a PS/2 keyboard to get into the post screen as there was the message about my clock speed and i had to say yess or no to allowing it to run slower. soon as i did that it started working again
check usb is enabled on boot in the bios
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